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11 октября 2017
The Russian Investment Agency Invest in Russia and Federal Test Center (PJSC FTC) have signed the agreement

The Russian Investment Agency "Invest in Russia" and Federal Test Center (PJSC FTC) have signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects of an electrodistributive network complex of Russia, in particular, of the project of creation of interdepartmental independent scientific-industrial complex – Federal Test Center of the electrotechnical equipment for carrying out independent tests of the domestic and foreign electrotechnical equipment.

Now the decentralized model of carrying out tests of electrotechnical production which has developed in the Russian Federation doesn't answer the purposes of perspective and innovative development of the country. The world practice and experience of the foreign countries having the advanced technology solutions shows efficiency of creation of the large test centers with a wide range of rendering of services and competences.

Need of creation of PJSC FTC in the territory of the Russian Federation is caused:

  • need of creation of the uniform methodological center in the field of tests of the electrotechnical equipment forming offers and participating in development of uniform standards of acceptance procedures and test methods of electrotechnical production and allowing to carry out tests for compliance to domestic and foreign standards;
  • the need for the choice by producers of the electrotechnical equipment, the test centers and laboratories by the principle of "a uniform window".

Until commissioning of own test capacities of PJSC FTC realizes the coordinating and distributive functions and will organize tests of the electrotechnical equipment on partner platforms in the accredited test centers and specialized stands.