David Waroquier, a partner in Mangrove Capital Partners (a European venture capital fund)
Paul O’Brien (USA), a co-owner of 5 Starlite Diners in Moscow and Chicago Prime steakhouse
Giorgio Verduci (Italy), the owner of Autocomponent Engineering-2 ltd
Luis Harray, the leading analyst of Serendipity Investments, an American investment company 
Adrien Henni (France), a co-investor and mentor of Displаir project (Russia)
Yusuke Otsubo, a managing partner of the Japanese venture capital fund United Managers Japan Inc. in Russia
Kim Waddoup (Great Britain), the founder of aiGroup (a Moscow-based company arranging exhibitions, business functions, publishing International Residence and Moscow Expat Life magazines), the sponsor of Moscow International Golf Show
Ralf Wenzel, a member of Rocket Internet, a German Internet start-up venture capital fund
Paul Sofianos (USA), the owner of ProLogics
Nicolas Chavrot (France) owns Ascott Deco Rus Company manufacturing glue and finishing materials for renovations; Le Bon Gou, food manufacturing
Mathias Eklöf and Joakim Grönvall (Sweden) launching and heading
Florence Gervais D'Alden (France) co-owner of Rose Fairy, a Russian greenhouse complex for rose cultivation

Adapted from Business Investment Guide to RUSSIA (BIGRUSSIA) magazine.