The Russian Investment Agency cooperates with foreign investors under the following two types of agreements:

  • Agreement for the services regarding investment project development and implementation;
  • Joint venture agreement.

Such agreements are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation or international laws. Cooperation of RIA and foreign investors may consist in the establishment of joint ventures engaged in trade, industry, logistics, hi-tech, tourism and leisure.

Professional service agreements conclusion procedure:

1. Preliminary stage

Initial consultation on possibilities of cooperation with RIA.

Development of an assignment specification to an agreement with a schedule based on the goals and expectations of the investor.

Approval of the assignment specification and implementation schedule with the investor.

Approval of the contract price and key provisions.

2. Contract conclusion

Contracts for the services to be rendered to foreign investors in Russia are governed and construed only in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Joint venture agreements may be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation or England.

Contracts are drawn up in Russian and in English.

3. Business registration for investment project delivery

Joint ventures, funds, investment companies and other entities established to deliver investment projects may be registered within the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation or other countries, the former being preferable.

The support of the Russian Investment Agency ensures successful delivery of your investment projects in Russia. The support of a reliable partner acutely aware of the viable regional specifics may be conducive to the right strategy, partner, area choice and efficient operation in Russia.