International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI) brings together more than 15 000 chief financial officers (CFO) of the major companies worldwide. The composition of IAFEI includes national professional financial associations from 20 countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America. The IAFEI members are heads of finance units of such companies as Mercedes, BMW, Sony, Hitachi, FIAT, Ferrari, ENI, Mitsubishi, Associazione Calcio “Milan”.

IAFEI is a non-profit and non-political association founded in 1969 in Italy. Headquarter is situated in Zurich (Switzerland).

Address by Mr. Fausto Cosi,
President of the
National Association of
Financial Executives of Italy
(ANDAF) at
the 43rd IAFEI World Congress,
Warsaw, 2013
The activities of IAFEI aims to create uniform and effective financial systems and regulations in the framework of international cooperation, promotion of ethical standards in the practice of corporate finance management, establishment and development of international relations within the professional community. Interaction within IAFEI allows the representatives of different countries to exchange experience in financial management, get acquainted with the best practices, bring closer the positions on topical issues, and strengthen business relations worldwide.

IAFEI permanently organizes international financial conferences, meetings and other events, and the IAFEI World Congress is the major of them. The Congress is being held since 1969 and, nowadays, it is the world's largest platform for communication of top managers of the financial profile. The Congress traditionally provides an overview of economic prospects for the upcoming year from the world famous experts. Participation in the Congress allows its participants to get expert opinions regarding cash flow management and best investment opportunities of the guests of honor, including Nobel Prize winners, politicians, representatives of the leading banks and companies.

40th IAFEI World Congress presidium, Rome,
Italy, 13-15 October 2010
The Russian Club of Financial Directors (RCFD) is the official representative of the interests of Russian business circles in IAFEI. In 2016 at the initiative of the RCFD the IAFEI World Congress will be held in Moscow. RCFD and the Russian Investment Agency "Invest in Russia" (RIA) provide the preparation of the event. Almost all regions of the Russian Federation intend to participate in the IAFEI World Congress in Moscow. Development of recommendations on improvement of investment climate in Russia, attraction of investments, preparation of agreements — these goals are set by the organizers of the upcoming meeting of the world financiers in Moscow.