Russian Investment Agency Invest in Russia offers for your attention a chart with reference data on the Russian Rubles its turnover and RUB transactions in Russia and abroad.

Currency Ruble
ISO ISO 4217
Numerical code 643
Official symbol
IssuerCentral Bank of the Russian Federation
Exchange rate (type) Floating (Resolution of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of November 10 November, 2014)
RUB turnover in Russia and abroadIn Russia: RUB is freely converted without limitations of current payments and transactions related to capital flow;Abroad: RUB is subject to conversion to the national currency of the country of stay.
Currency exchange transactors Residents and nonresidents
Currency exchange transactions between residents and nonresidents Without limitation (according to the Federal Law “On currency regulation and currency control”)
RUB exchange rate against the major currencies (USD and Euro)

Russian Ruble has great prospects to become a currency used in foreign trade settlements of Russia with the following countries:

RUB settlements are already carried out with the following countries:
We would also like to emphasis the increased attractiveness of the Russian RUB around the globe.