The Russian Investment Agency (RIA) renders its assistance to foreign direct investors in the economy of the Russian Federation. The main activities of RIA include attracting foreign investors, lobbying, promotion and protection of their interests and cooperation with foreign investors.

The Agency is ready to offer its support to any direct foreign investments with minimum amount of:

  • Healthcare projects — 1 000 000 US Dollars
  • Agricultural projects — 3 000 000 US Dollars
  • Leisure and entertainment projects — 5 000 000 US Dollars
  • Industrial projects — 10 000 000 US Dollars
  • Transportation and logistics projects — 20 000 000 US Dollars
  • Minerals extraction and processing — 100 000 000 US Dollars

And 10 000 000 US Dollars being the minimum amount for other investment projects.

RIA will open you a gate to Russia and help to find the right path to achieve your goals.

The Russian Investment Agency offers the following services to foreign investors:

Lobbying the interests of foreign investors and investment project support in the government agencies of the Russian Federation

Organization of meetings with federal and regional government officials

Establishment of joint ventures, funds and other entities with foreign investors

Selection of investment platform

Selection of business assets

Selection of foreign-investment attractive land plots and other property items, cost analysis

M&A support

Executive recruitment to run a business in Russia

Investment project risk analysis, risk mitigation and insurance

Investment project development  and structuring

Information collection, marketing and market analysis

Business plan

Financial model (financial plan) building

Feasibility studies

Due Diligence

Support in attraction of additional investments

Legal protection of rights and interests of foreign investors in Russian courts

Reviewing contractors and business partners

Investment project support

Support of investment projects in Mass Media

For more details on our services for foreign investors, please, contact the experts of RIA.