The Russian Investment Agency Invest in Russia assists Russian direct investee companies nationwide by developing projects, preparing investment sites, searching for investors, protecting investment interests in federal agencies, founding joint ventures with the participation of regional and overseas investors.

The Agency is ready to offer its support to Russian companies to getting investment with minimum required amount of:
  • Healthcare projects — 1 000 000 US Dollars
  • Agricultural projects — 3 000 000 US Dollars
  • Leisure and entertainment projects — 5 000 000 US Dollars
  • Industrial projects — 10 000 000 US Dollars
  • Transportation and logistics projects — 20 000 000 US Dollars
  • Minerals extraction and processing — 100 000 000 US Dollars

And 10 000 000 US Dollars being the minimum amount for other investment projects.

The Russian Investment Agency offers the following services to investees:

Improvement of regional investment attractiveness of the Russian regions

Foundation of joint ventures, mutual funds and structures creating regional investment sites

Services on the search for investment ideas and development of investment projects

Structuring of the existing investment projects

Investment site preparation

Search for and attraction of foreign investments to the existing projects and sites

Marketing and market analysis

Business planning

Financial modeling (planning)

Feasibility studies

Due Diligence

M&A support

Information and analytical support

For more details, contact our experts.