Yury Spiridonov: “One of our tasks is to promote the partnership between Russian and Greek companies”.

May 27 Mr. Putin (Russian President) visited Greece on a January invitation from Prokopis Pavlopoulos, President of Greece. Yury Spiridonov, the Russian Investment Agency Head, was invited as the Delegation member. He made a pre-visit comment: “The key task of the Agency is to attract direct and portfolio foreign investments into the Russian economy as well as to assist in creating facilities based on the foreign technologies in Russia”.

Vladimir Putin stated in his interview to Kantimerini – Greek newspaper – that “Russian and EU relation challenges “negatively affect the Russia and Greek goods turnover dynamics”. 

Therefore, a RIA goal is to promote the partnership relations between the Russian and Greek companies. Russia is ready to assist Greek manufacturers in creating production facilities in Russia.

For instance, within the Import Phase-Out program RusVEU LLC, Russian Company, with the assistance of Russian Investment Agency runs a joint project with AIR-SUN SA Greek company, co-investor. The project aim is to produce small-class wind generators in Russia to replace diesel generators in the areas with no power lines. The company strives at producing autonomous MW wind and hybrid small-grade generators using wind and sun energy. The country-scale project will enable to expand the cellular network and broadband internet access coverage in remote parts of Russia and along federal highways. This will solution will provide MW power to irrigation systems and remote regions.

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