“Invest in Russia” Russian Investment Agency HQ: Negotiations with Japanese delegation led by Teruo Asada – Keidanren Russian and Japan Economic Cooperation Committee Chairman, Marubeni Corp Chairman.

        Mikhail Kruk, RIA Supervisory Board Member, started the meeting with a welcome speech: “Dear friends. We are extremely pleased to welcome you in the Russian Investment Agency Head Quarters. Every one of us has a tight schedule. Nonetheless, I am sincerely pleased to note that we always manage to fine the time to check our economy watch”.

Mr. Asada responded that the purpose of his current Moscow visit was to find new development opportunities to promote the relations with the Russian entrepreneurs. “Both Russian and Japanese enterprises shall strive to get mutual profit when making investments” – concluded Mr. Asada. He also underlined positive trends in Japan-Russia relations despite the previous year goods turnover decrease: We note the increase of Japanese investments in Russia reaching $340 million.

        Yury Spiridonov, RIA President, detailed on the ‘Invest in Russia” RIA activities and said the “RIA priority is to achieve mutually beneficial economic cooperation. The Russian and Japanese business has a crucial goal to achieve – maintain and strengthen current economic ties and relations including the fields of transportation, logistics, infrastructure, green energy, oil and gas, paper mill renovation in Krasnodar Kray (agreed at the APEC summit in Vladivostok, 2012).

         The Parties agreed to produce a joint declaration promoting key areas of Russian and Japanese business cooperation.

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