The Russian Investment Agency is a member of the world Association of Investment Agencies (WAIPA), founded in 1995 in Geneva


Dear Colleagues!

The Russian Investment Agency takes an active informational position and cooperates with Russian and foreign journalists across the world. We strive to create an open and transparent informational space, understand and support the values created by the independent press.

Our task is to provide all interested parties with complete information about the opportunities and advantages of the Russian Federation available to investors from all over the world.

RIA is a non-governmental and non-political organization created for business.

Therefore, we only provide commentary regarding economic news and events, without assessing political events that are outside of our professional sphere.

RIA is open to journalists from all countries and all publications.
Materials, texts and photographs published on the RIA portal may be used if you provide an active link to the source as follows: the source of information is the portal of the Russian Investment Agency or the RIA portal, where the Russian Investment Agency or RIA is an active link, leading to the RIA portal.

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