The Russian Investment Agency is a member of the world Association of Investment Agencies (WAIPA), founded in 1995 in Geneva


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Association of Regional Investment Agencies

The ARIA was founded in March 2014. Ministry of Regional Development and Russian Investment Agency (RIA) initiated the creation of the Association for the purpose of maintenance of regional development institutions.
Members of the Association
The ARIA provides the following types of membership:

Full Member – regional development institutions;
Associate Members – companies wishing to carry out investment activities in various regions of the country.

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Signing the agreement with Greenwood at the meeting of the General Meeting of the Association, Moscow, June 2015

Membership fee is 100 000 Rubles per year for any kind of membership.

Valid full members of ARIA are 23 institutions of the subjects of the Russian Federation, representing 7 federal districts of Russia.
Mission of ARIA
Active participation in the development of the Russia regions, attraction of Russian and foreign investments in the Russian economy, the development of exports, maintaining and expanding foreign markets.
Goals of ARIA
Efficient coordination of the activities of Russian development institutions (ARIA members) for the integrated strategic and investment development, attraction of investments and promotion of regions of the Russian Federation in the international investment community.

Representation and protection of interests of ARIA members.

Promote the establishment in Russia of a civilized market of services in the field of finance and investment and public relations and business communications.

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Speech by the participant in the meeting of the Association of Regional Investment Agency, Moscow, January 2015

The ARIA supports to its members in the development of the scheme of relations with Russian and foreign investors and investment agencies.

Stable business relationships with Russia and international investors and government representatives.

The presence of a competent leader, formed the team and strategic partners: WAIPA, AV Group.

More information about the structure, members, events and news of the ARIA you can find on the website.