The Russian Investment Agency is a member of the world Association of Investment Agencies (WAIPA), founded in 1995 in Geneva


The Russian Investment Agency (RIA) renders its assistance to foreign direct investors in the economy of the Russian Federation. The main activities of RIA include attracting foreign investors, lobbying, promotion and protection of their interests and cooperation with foreign investors.

The Agency is ready to offer its support to any direct foreign investments with minimum amount of:

  • Healthcare projects — 1 000 000 US Dollars
  • Agricultural projects — 3 000 000 US Dollars
  • Leisure and entertainment projects — 5 000 000 US Dollars
  • Industrial projects — 10 000 000 US Dollars
  • Transportation and logistics projects — 20 000 000 US Dollars
  • Minerals extraction and processing — 100 000 000 US Dollars

And 10 000 000 US Dollars being the minimum amount for other investment projects.

RIA will open you a gate to Russia and help to find the right path to achieve your goals.

The Russian Investment Agency offers the following services to foreign investors:
Lobbying the interests of foreign investors and investment project support in the government agencies of the Russian Federation

Lobbying the interests of the investor at the federal, regional and local authorities. Networking with representatives of the state authorities. Assistance in obtaining approvals and permits in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Organization of meetings with federal and regional government officials
Preparation and organization of meetings to support the investment project with representatives of state administration bodies on federal and regional levels of government, including municipal and regional authorities.
Establishment of joint ventures, funds and other entities with foreign investors
The RIA provides a wide range of services for the creation of joint ventures, foundations and other organizations for the implementation of investment projects. The contract on joint activity, investment contract, etc., as agreed between the partners is the basis of creation and activities of joint ventures. The document distributes and captures the share of ownership of each partner, defines the strategy of an undertaking, the management system and the term of cooperation, the distribution of rights and duties of the parties and their liability and other significant moments.

Joint ventures, foundations and other organizations for the implementation of investment projects can be created at the territory of Russia and in foreign jurisdictions. The establishment of a joint venture in the Russian jurisdiction allows a foreign investor to benefit from increased legal protection, additional benefits and guarantees of the Russian Federation established by the Law on foreign investment.
Selection of investment platform
Search fields for investment according to the criteria specified by the foreign investor.
Selection of business assets
Selection and organization of viewing property assets with the examination of documents for safe and profitable acquisition for the specified parameters.

Directory of RIA assets includes:

  • residential and non-residential property,
  • building a free appointment,
  • plots of land,
  • property complexes,
  • ready businesses
  • illiquid assets,
  • machinery and equipment,
  • techniques and transport.
Selection of foreign-investment attractive land plots and other property items, cost analysis
  • selection and organization view land plots (land investment-brokerage), industrial sites and other real estate listings;
  • technical audit of land (technical due diligence) — description, location, infrastructure, urban planning risks, technical conditions, the possibility of using;
  • examination of documents for land plots and other real estate for authenticity and compliance with applicable laws;
  • evaluation of investment attractiveness of land plots and other immovable property;
  • assessment of the market value of the land plots and other real estate objects taking into account their most rational and efficient use of;
  • development of mechanisms for the use, registration, transfer of land to create industrial parks that accommodate the most important investment projects, etc.

The RIA's specialists guarantee high level of services at an optimal cost, maximum comfort when conducting real estate transactions, a full understanding of investor legal processes, a comprehensive review of the acquired properties, competent protection of the rights and interests of the investor in transactions of any complexity.
M&A support
A full range of services in support of M&A transactions:

  • legal due diligence of companies involved in the transaction;
  • the structuring of the transaction, including a detailed description of each stage of its implementation and preparation of documents;
  • legal support of the transaction;
  • analysis of legal purity of securities and shares in the authorized capital of the companies involved in the transaction;
  • analysis of legal purity of tangible and intangible assets;
  • assessment of tax consequences of transactions M&A;
  • develop a strategy and plan of reorganization with the particular circumstances, relationships and facing investor objectives.
Executive recruitment to run a business in Russia
Recruitment services for project management in accordance with the requirements of the investor and confidentiality compliance.
Investment project risk analysis, risk mitigation and insurance
Analytical services and risk management include:

  • definition of areas of risk,
  • identification and risk assessment,
  • establishing the causes of risk,
  • selecting actions (administrative decision) for leveling the risk,
  • implementation of measures on leveling of risk.

For risk management uses the following tools:

  • risk diversification (distribution of funds invested in various investment objects not related to each other),
  • risk insurance,
  • hedging risk.
Investment project development and structuring
Preparation and structuring of the investment project in accordance with the requirements of investors and funding agencies at any stage.The project is being prepared with the requirements of mandatory economic assessment of investment projects to receive support at the federal or regional level.
Information collection, marketing and market analysis
Collection of information, market analysis and market research in accordance with the interests of investors:

  • analysis of the product (services);
  • analysis of consumers;
  • analysis of competitors;
  • analysis of marketing costs;
  • development of marketing plan for the business plan of the investment project.
Qualitative analysis allows you to find the available market niches, to choose the most attractive target market, to understand the consumer goods company.
Business plan
Development of the business plan of the investment project in accordance with Russian and international standards.

The preparation of the business plan of the project includes a comprehensive evaluation of the capabilities of the investment project, which the investor makes a decision on the financing of the project.

A comprehensive assessment involves the following works:

  • development of a unique sound proposals on the terms of project financing;
  • Market Research (analysis of regional, Russian, world market);
  • justification of the size of the investment, the value of the current project costs and payback period of the project;
  • risk analysis and development of measures to minimize them;
  • sales plan based on marketing research and promotion strategy;
  • schedule the launch of the project;
  • a detailed financial plan, including the profit and loss statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet;
  • calculation of the value of tax payments, depreciation and amortization;
  • determining break-even point;
  • the calculation of indicators of efficiency of the investment project;
  • revenue forecast projects, based on a qualitative study of the market.
Financial model (financial plan) building
The preparation of financial model (the financial plan) of the investment project for the purposes of determining the need for investments in working capital. The financial model includes calculation of key performance indicators: the payback period, profitability ratios, net present value, internal rate of return, break-even point.

The structure of the financial model:

  • income plan;
  • spending plan;
  • investment plan;
  • plan for taxes;
  • profit and loss statement;
  • cash flow statement;
  • balance at the beginning and end of each period.
Feasibility studies
Preparation of a feasibility study (FS) for the following tasks:

  • rationale for the choice of a particular technology, equipment, etc .;
  • determining the volume of investment required for the introduction of technology;
  • calculation of the effect of the measures (reduction of production costs, increased productivity, as a result, revenue growth);
  • determining the payback period of the project.

Feasibility study occurs based on the analysis, calculation, assess the economic feasibility of the construction of the intended object of construction ((construction in the enterprise, the creation of a new technical facility, introduction of new technologies, equipment, innovation on an existing production).

Feasibility study includes:

  • bigger organizational plan;
  • bigger production plan;
  • financial model (the financial plan).
Due Diligence
Professional Due Diligence for the identification and assessment of existing legal risks. The results of the Due Diligence will help to develop effective solutions for the timely elimination of the shortcomings of the investment project.

The RIA will prepare in the framework of Due Diligence:

  • analysis of the capital structure and internal documents of the procedure of attracting investments;
  • analysis of the business and internal documents of the Company in transactions M&A;
  • analysis of the process of reorganization, restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy of the company at any stage;
  • analysis of the legal purity of movable and immovable property;
  • analysis of the legal purity of intangible assets;
  • analysis of the legal purity of securities and shares in the authorized capital;
  • legal assessment of the structure of transactions, including the need for approval by the management bodies of the company and coordination with regulatory authorities;
  • legal assessment of the activities of the company's management;
  • legal assessment of shareholder agreements and corporate contracts.
Support in attraction of additional investments
Support in attraction of additional investments into the project:

  • search for potential co-investors interested in the project;
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project in terms of investment attractiveness in the context of separate and specific requirements of a co-investor;
  • assistance in the preparation of documents in terms of the requirements of a co-investor;
  • organization of negotiations and transaction support in the case of a co-investor willingness to participate in the project.
Legal protection of rights and interests of foreign investors in Russian courts
The RIA carries out a set of measures to protect the rights and interests of investors with the participation of government at the federal, regional and municipal levels, using effective tools extrajudicial and judicial protection.
Reviewing contractors and business partners
Reviewing business reputation of contractors and business partners to identify unreliable partners and persons, collection of information on actual state of affairs and structure of enterprises.
Investment project support
The range of services to promote investment project covers the following issues:

  • formation of a roadmap (plan of action) for the promotion of the investment project;
  • placement of the investment project on the information portal RIA;
  • organization of advertising and promotional campaigns, presentations of the investment project in exhibition events and business conferences (business meetings, conferences, etc.);
  • support for investment projects on domestic and international Roadshow;
  • placement of information about investment project in print and electronic media.

Individually, the RIA organize any activity for the promotion of the investment project in accordance with the requirements of the investor.
Support of investment projects in Mass Media
Organization of the campaign in the media to highlight the process of realization of the investment project and the creation of a positive image of the foreign investor.

For more details on our services for foreign investors, please, contact the experts of RIA.